Short, Drama
Gian Marco Pezzoli
Other Festivals
Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2018 Forlì October 13, 2018 Official Selection Italy Fiaticorti Film Festival 2018 Istrana October 5, 2018 Best Actor Italy Amarcort Film Festival 2018 Rimini November 9, 2018 Official Selection Italy ​Dieciminuti Film Festival 2019 Frosinone January 26, 2019 Official Selection Italy Visioni Italiane 2019 Bologna March 3, 2019 Official Selection Italy Safe Community International Short Film Festival 2019 Mashhad March 8, 2019 Official Selection Iran, Islamic Republic of Indie Cyprus Short Film Festival 2019 Nicosia May 10, 2019 Official Selection Cyprus River Film Festival 2019 Padova June 30, 2019 Official Selection Italy La Biennale Del Corto 2019 Vicenza April 13, 2019 Official Selection Italy OLBIA FILM NETWORK Short Film Market 2019 Olbia June 23, 2019 Italy

Davide is a frustrated teacher who lives with his wife and son in a quiet apartment building in the suburbs. He is a creature of habits with an uneventful life. His daily routine is disrupted when one of his neighbors welcomes a homeless man in the building’s courtyard. All of the residents start caring for him, as he seems to fill their lives with pure joy, yet without ever uttering a single word. Davide, too caught up in his own miserable life to welcome such a change, starts harboring a deep hatred for the man and tries to get rid of him, with scarce results. Eventually, as his wish comes true, the disappearance of the man will have unexpected effects.