Asti Movie Awards

Located in the city centre of Asti, every year we host an amazing event  at Cinema Hall Pastrone, a truly cultural and indie cinema that breathes and lives for short and feature films.
The film industry today is largely monopoly-based and dependent on large scale budgets for productions to succeed. However, this festival aims to provide a place for those who don't have a massive budget at their hands but nevertheless an important story to tell.

AMA - Asti Movie Awards, at Cinema Hall Pastrone serves as a hub for independent filmmakers from all over the world, an event where they can come together and share their work with each other.


Cinema Sala Pastrone is located in Asti, a city and comune of 76 164 inhabitants located in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. It is the capital of the province of Asti and it is deemed to be the modern capital of Monferrato.
One of the most famous events held in Asti is the famous Palio di Asti, in which all the old town wards, called "Rioni" and "Borghi" plus nearby towns compete in a bare-back horse race. This event recalls a victory in battle versus the rival city Alba, during the Middle Ages after the victorious battle a race was held around Alba's walls, from then on every year in Asti. Asti's Palio is the oldest recorded one in Italy, and in modern times is held in the triangular Piazza Alfieri preceded by a medieval pageant through the old town on the 3rd Sunday of September.